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The dubious origins of The Cavern Beatles                                                                                                        

Summer 1989 and it will still be 3 years before Reservoir Dogs is released, but this is the embryo of The Cavern Beatles.....  "The Merseymen"
From left to right we have:
Graham Harald (bass), Phil Garrigan (drums), Derek Kerrigan (lead guitar/vocals) and Rick Alan (rhythm guitar/vocals). The group was initially formed as a practical joke by Derek, who was by day working as model for the Freemans Catalogue and needed an outlet for some ill fitting suits he had received from an overseas assignment.  He spelled out his idea to his long standing buddy, Phil, who bought the lot from him on easy to manage monthly repayments.  The duo decided to augment themselves with a friend of Phil's from the Liverpool circuit. Rick, who was making a living wearing stockings, suspenders and a basque, wasn't much of a guitarist, but he knew how to look a t**t on photographs.... In 1989, this was most crucial.  No one is quite sure how Graham came to be in the group, but he did play bass and that was important.

This photo was taken outside Alchemy Recording Studios in Liverpool...   don't bother looking for it...  it's not there anymore!!
Alchemy was booked for a week to take in some rehearsals and recording for a demo to hike around American agents to get work in the US.  The tapes turned out OK, but there was something wrong.  The material was too diverse and we figured that the States would already be awash with cover bands.  Rick suggested that if Derek could play bass guitar, his vocal range and physical resemblance to Paul McCartney would be a big plus for the US market.  Rick had already played in a group with someone who looked like Lennon, and this Lennon had already made the point that Rick had a look of George, so it was decided to make a somewhat serious attempt at a Beatle band.  The Lennon bloke (henceforth we shall call him "The L" ) was asked, liked the idea, and about a fortnight later the band was rehearsed up and ready to gig.
The line up was now: The L (rhythm guitar/ vocals), Derek (bass/vocals), Rick (lead guitar/vocals) and Phil (drums)